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We would like to thank you for your interest and would recommend that the process of Credit Application is started as soon as possible, so that the next steps become easier and hassle-free. We request you to download [hyperlink form] and fill up the form and return it with requested documents to You may also save the form on your computer for further reference.

Company Information

IndividualPartnershipGovernmentNGOLLCFZE/FZCPrivate LimitedPublic Limited

Parent/Sister Company/Subsidiary

Credit Requested



Person Authorized to Sign Purchase Orders

Reference Details – Trade References

We/I hereby apply for a credit limit and agree to pay to the terms of my account and being a director/directors of the application company jointly and severally guarantee performance of all Company’s financial to KG Toner Premium. We also acknowledge and accept your General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Signatures and Stamp

Kindly attach the following documents with your credit application

Trade License CopyChamber of CommerceOwners Passport Copy

Certificate of IncorporationBusiness LicenseVAT Certificate

Once the credit request is approved, KG Toner Premium will send you a Credit Acknowledgment Form. You will be requested to sign, stamp and return it, prior to receiving goods from KG Toner Premium. Please note that the whole process might take up to one week, from submission to the final stage. As such, we recommend that the credit application process is started at the earliest.