Eco friendly printing is about more than just what products and printers can do. While there are certain types of products that are more environmentally friendly than others, there are a couple of things which you can do that will quickly cut down the printing costs. There are several way that any office can implement certain solutions which will help them go green.

Duplex Printing If you start printing on both sides of the paper, you will cut your office paper costs by 50%. You don’t have to buy an automatic duplex printer to take advantage of all of the benefits of duplex printing. It might take a little more time to do it manually but most printers have options for duplex printing if your printer doesn’t have then investing in such a printer can help you in long term.

Recycle Empty Toner If you truly want to adopt an eco friendly office environment you can make sure to not throw the empty toner cartridges and instead hand it over to a company who can recycle the toners or if it is not in condition to recycle then they can dispose of the toner cartridge in an environment friendly way. We also do our best to keep the green printing process by remanufacturing the toner cartridges and restoring them as there is no reason that they can’t be reused.