You can save up to 35-50 percent.

Your savings are dependent entirely upon the consumption volume and your order patterns. If you place an order for 1-2 cartridges in a single order, you’ll save up to 35% Similarly, if you consume and order bigger volumes, you’ll save up to 50% as opposed to the OEM market rate. Nevertheless, it is not unusual for large-scale consumers to save even more. We can give you more accurate information on how much you can save if you provide us with your consumption figures.

The price of the cartridge, however, isn’t the only way you can save with us. You’ll also be able to save money on the maintenance of your equipment if you choose our services. In addition, you can save even more by saving time. If you buy all consumables from one supplier, you will not only save effort, time and cost compared to cases in which you buy different consumables from different suppliers.

A practical alternative to original equipment manufacturers is remanufactured equipment. There are several definitions of remanufactured cartridges against OEM. The most accurate definition is that a remanufactured cartridge can be remade for use as new by adding new parts.

The entire focus is on reassembly. Without reassembly, you cannot consider a cartridge as remanufactured. Reassembly may be defined as, “to rejoin parts or reassemble something again.” This means clones, refills, counterfeits are not included in the category of reassembled products.

Just like any other device, getting your printer serviced at regular intervals is important. This ensures that it will not collapse when you need it. The components of a printer have limited shelf-life and therefore when you use it again and again for printing, it experiences wear and tear. To ensure the printer offers the same quality it did when you first purchased it, you need to make sure it is in perfect condition.

Yes, KG Toner provides a 12 months warranty for premium branded cartridges. The warranty covers you against defects that may be caused by workmanship and continue until the expiry date printed on the bottom of the cartridge.

Of course not! All original equipment manufacturer warranties specify clearly that if an external item is not offered by the OEM, the printer warranty may be lost. We want to offer you complete peace of mind which is why our warranty takes into account any event that a cartridge may cause damage to your printer, although this is an unlikely event. Please read our complete warranty policy to learn more about warranty of KG Toner branded products.