We can go on and on about the exceptional quality of our premium range of toner cartridges, but we leave it to you – our customers. We take great pride in the value of services we offer to our customers. To offer you complete satisfaction, we offer an added value service to you, we provide you the freedom to select new products on a trial basis for free. This means: NO RISK, NO COST! All you need to do is fill out the FREE Trial Request form and send it over.

Once your status as a company has been conformed, your Free Trial cartridges will be delivered to your door and installed by our qualified technicians. Our technicians will not only install the cartridge but will also ensure that your machine is compatible with our cartridge.

Fourteen days after the date of installation, the cartridges will be collected, irrespective of whether they have been used fully or not.

There is one condition that you need to fulfil for the use of our trial cartridges, which is that you provide us with feedback in written form and share with us your experience of using our product on the form that will be provided by our technician.