At KG Toner, we strive to make everything hassle-free for our esteemed customers, and to help you grow your business. An important aspect of our customer centric policy is ensuring that in the likely event that you receive faulty or damaged products, you’ve made a wrong purchase, or you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason whatsoever; we resolve your issues swiftly, proficiently and to your complete satisfaction.
We have designed our Returns Policy with this very objective in mind. We take great pride in the quality of products and services and we hope you’ll never have to file a return, however in the unlikely event that you do, please carefully read the terms and conditions outlined below. We assure you that we’ll do everything in our capacity to resolve the issue ASAP, to your satisfaction.

  • Every KG Toner customer contract and invoice, mirrors our General Conditions & Terms of Sale. This means, once the goods are sold to you, we’re not obliged by contract or the law to accept returns.
  • We have, however, built our reputation on exceptional customer service, and therefore, you may return purchased items under the following situations:
    1. You’re presently active customer who has outdated, unwanted or old stock
    2. You’re an old customer who wants to buy new items based on our acceptance of the return of items that were bought previously

If you meet either of the conditions stated above, we’ll accept returns under the following conditions:
The item is unused, undamaged, and has its seal intact. KG Toner will not accept returns, if your item doesn’t meet these requirements.

Furthermore, a restocking fee will be applied as follows:

  1. If the article was dispatched within 30 days of the date of invoice, you’ll not be charged any restocking fee and you’ll receive 100% of your order’s value. The amount will be credited to your KG Toner account.
  2. If the article was dispatched within 60 days of the date of invoice, you’ll be charged 25% restocking fee and 75% of your order’s value will be credited to your KG Toner account.
  3. If the article was dispatched within 90 days of the date of the invoice, you’ll be charged 50% restocking fee and 50% of your order’s value will be credited to your KG Toner account.
  4. If the article was dispatched within 160 days of the date of invoice, you’ll be charged 75% restocking fee and 25% of the order’s value will be credited to your KG Toner account.
  5. If the articlewas dispatched over 160 days of the date of invoice, no returns will be credited to your account, we will instead, dispose off the good in an environmentally responsible manner. This will be done free of charge, as KG Toner takes its commitment to environmental sustainability very seriously.

Articles returned should be in their original packaging and undamaged. Please note that an extra fee of 25% will be added to the restocking fee mentioned above in case:

    1. There is evidence of improper storage of the articles. KG Toner reserves the right to label articles as having undergone improper storage, when the articles demonstrate:
    2. Noticeable damage to the packaging
    3. Dirt or Dust on the packaging
    4. Fading of colors of the packaging
    5. Damaged Packaging
    6. Evidence of exposure to pests and/or rodents

Any other reason that KG Toner believes articles to have experienced improper storage
*Please note that the fee will not be applicable on items that are older than 160 days. In this case, KG Toner will, free of charge, dispose of the items.

Also, please note that KG Toner doesn’t refund any amount for return of goods in cash or any other form of remittance: without exception. When articles are returned, the total value of your order, after the calculation of any restocking or other fee, will be credited to your KG Toner company account. The credit that you have cumulated, may only be used against the future purchase of KG Toner items.

If you have accumulated credit for your KG Toner account, you’ll be able to access this credit when new purchases of KG Toner items are made that surpass 100% of the value of this credit.

E.g. If you have a credit of AED 2,000 you need to make new purchases that are equal to or greater than 4000.
You may accumulate as much credit as you wish, however, please note that once new credit has been added to existing credit, the 100% rule is applicable to the total credit you have with KG Toner. This means, if you have existing credit of AED 2000, and let’s say a further AED 1,000 to this credit, your purchases must equal or exceed 100% of the total credit, i.e. 3000 and therefore, you’ll need to make purchases of KG Toner branded products of at least AED 6000.