We offer total satisfaction to our customers by offering a warranty policy. Whilst most companies offer up to 12 months period of warranty, at KG Toner, we offer up to 18 months period of warranty, which includes any damage to the item, or to the machine in which these products are being used.

Our branded cartridges are manufactured under strict standards of quality control, guaranteeing performance that matches the quality of the original manufacturer of the equipment. KG Toner branded products are traded with the assurance that they’ll be defect-free and of superior quality, provided they’re stored correctly.

Furthermore, KG Toner Premium branded products offer a warranty for a period of sixteen months or exhaustion of the page yield at 5percent coverage, which has been specified for all products.

We accept no liability for defects in articles that may arise from customer requirements or design, incorrect storage or handling or from wear and tear, deliberate damage, misuse or negligence. Even though, we strive to keep our website, technical documents, and other information sources relevant and up-to-date at all times, they may contain typographical errors and/or inaccuracies. Additionally, product specification, which includes information about price and availability of articles, may be updated or altered without prior notice. No guarantee is given that the information available on www.kgtoner.com or exhibited on our information sources is current or complete and therefore, nothing on our information sources shall be interpreted as a condition, representation or warranty.

Except stated otherwise in these terms, our entire obligation in respect of a particular article that has been passed into the ownership of a customer and customer’s remedies, shall be limited to, at KG Toner option, and according to its returns policy from time-to-time, a credit note in favor of future transactions (store credit) regarding the amount paid by customer to KG Toner for such an article; or the replacement or repair of the article by KG Toner.

KG Toner also offers warranty to its customers in United Arab Emirates in accordance with the conditions mentioned above and under regular use (which includes operation of copier/printer/fax machine equipment in accordance with the specifications) our KG Toner branded copier/cartridges/printer will not cause abnormal wear, or damage to any compatible copier/printer/fax machine.

In case a defect in a KG Toner branded cartridge causes a printer/copier/fax machine to fizzle or fail, we will, repair or fix the machine or repay our customer for everything of all service and repair of the printer/copier/fax machine. This guarantee is dependent upon the client furnishing KG Toner with acceptable confirmation that the machine failure was because of a defect in KG Toner branded cartridge.

In the event that KG Toner picks and favors in writing to repay as opposed to fixing or replacing the machine itself, the customer will give moreover, a composed explanation on the service organization’s letterhead, dated and marked by the organization’s field sales or organization representative that the failure was because of a defect in a KG Toner branded cartridge.

In case of any defects, the customer will at their earliest convenience inform us. They should however inform us within fourteen (14) days after the defect or damage took place. They acknowledge no obligation or responsibility for any sort of defect in products sold or in machines of the client if (a) KG Toner has not been informed within 14 days of the event (b) the defected article (the cartridge) or the machine are not kept in isolation and given to KG Toner for inspection. In case the KG Toner branded article, for which warranty is claimed is located outside the territory of United Arab Emirates the customer claiming warranty must present the KG Toner branded article for which the warranty is claimed to KG Toner office address.

This warranty is exclusive, and in lieu of all warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific reason.